Crop Insurance

As part of our effort to support policies that incentivize adoption of conservation practices, the AGree Coalition advocates for reducing roadblocks to increased conservation and maintaining a strong crop insurance program that acknowledges and supports the risk-reducing benefits of environmentally sound farming practices.

One example of this is the Cover Crop Flexibility Act of 2020, introduced by Senators John Thune and Debbie Stabenow in March 2020. This bill encourages wider use of cover crops by removing a disincentive within the federal crop insurance program that can discourage farmers from planting cover crops after taking a prevented planting claim. The AGree Coalition published a letter in support of this bill, which will allow farmers who are prevented from planting their intended crop to seed cover crops and thereby salvage minimal value from their fields, while improving soil health and reducing their long-term risk.

Related Research

These papers published by the AGree Coalition explore complex and controversial aspects of the federal crop insurance program, alongside creative ideas for change.