The AGree Economic and Environmental Risk Coalition creates a bridge between positive environmental outcomes and profitability for farmers and ranchers.

The AGree Economic and Environmental Risk Coalition (AGree E2 Coalition) advocates for federal policy improvements to drive broader adoption of conservation practices on working lands. Conservation practices such as cover crops, no-till, and other recognized good farming practices can reduce farm risk to extreme weather events while improving environmental outcomes and soil health.

To promote broader recognition of the risk reduction benefits of conservation, the AGree E2 Coalition advocates for changes to federal policy related to insurance, agricultural finance, and agriculture data collection and analysis. We believe innovation related to risk management and finance will help the agricultural sector become more resilient, profitable, and sustainable. Our work on agricultural data integration and analysis demonstrates the connection between adoption of conservation practices, reduced risk, and improved profitability. This work also informs policy discussions and can help farmers make more informed land management decisions.

To drive change in the food and agriculture sector, we work collaboratively on practical solutions, develop recommendations, lobby Congress, support USDA implementation, and lead strategic communication efforts. We work hand in hand with seemingly disparate groups, focusing on practical, research-based solutions that advance our shared goal of greater adoption of conservation practices on working lands.

The AGree E2 Coalition grew from the foundational work of AGree, an initiative designed to elevate food and agriculture as a national priority. We are housed within Meridian Institute, a mission-driven nonprofit consultancy that builds understanding, guides collaboration, and drives action to address our world’s complex challenges.

The two initiatives under the AGree umbrella are the AGree Economic and Environmental Risk Coalition (AGree E2 Coalition) and the Climate, Food, and Agriculture Dialogue (CFAD).

CFAD includes producers, supply chain leaders, and civil society organizations working together to promote federal action on climate change that is inclusive of food and agriculture. Visit to learn more, including read the Guiding Principles for federal climate policy solutions

The AGree E2 Coalition

Representing a diverse range of interests, our members include researchers, academics, farmers, former officers of the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), and NGO leadership. Together, we advocate for common-sense policies that protect both natural resources and farmers’ livelihoods.

Our Work

Agriculture Data

The AGree Coalition works closely with Congress and the USDA to shape policies that will support greater data integration and analysis—and help farmers make important land management decisions.


The AGree Coalition advocates for federal risk management programs that encourage farmers to implement practices that reduce producers’ long-term risk, in addition to improving soil health and water quality.

Agricultural Finance

The AGree Coalition is exploring opportunities for banks and investors to finance farmers and landowners who want to invest in conservation practices that increase profitability, enhance property values, and reduce producers’ long-term risk.