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Creating data-driven policies that advance farmer profitability and positive environmental outcomes.

Our Focus Areas

For the last decade, AGree has developed innovative and scalable policies and pilot programs that support farmers in improving agronomic and environmental outcomes while adapting to weather variability. There are real opportunities to use federal agricultural policy to incentivize and scale agricultural practices that reduce greenhouse gas emissions, improve soil health, and enhance water quality while reducing farmer costs and improving profitability.

Farm Bill Priorities

AGree's policy recommendations for the next Farm Bill direct USDA and Congress to provide farmers with the information, risk management tools, and financial resources needed to build their environmental and economic resilience.

Our Focus Areas

AGree’s focus areas represent a systems approach to supporting widespread adoption of conservation practices on U.S. working lands. We are building the business case for conservation adoption through federal policy change, risk management options, and financial tools. 

Our efforts in agriculture data focus on research pilots and legislation that work with farmers and the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) to demonstrate the value of sharing and analyzing properly protected farmer data.

Agriculture Data

Robust, targeted research and science are fundamental to U.S. food and agriculture’s response to climate change. We encourage USDA and Congress to broaden the scope of federal and private investment in agriculture and climate mitigation through analysis, research, and interdisciplinary collaboration.

Climate Research

AGree advocates for changes to the Federal Crop Insurance Program (FCIP) that acknowledge the risk-reducing benefits of conservation practices and eliminate barriers to conservation. We also facilitate the development of new crop insurance products that help farmers cover the risk of adopting new conservation practices.

Crop Insurance

We work to expand risk management options, financial tools, and technical assistance offerings for farmers seeking to diversify their operations.

Diversified Systems

We advocate for expanding and improving existing USDA conservation programs to exponentially increase adoption of conservation practices on working lands.

Farm Bill

The original AGree initiative brought together a diverse group of food and agriculture leaders to develop consensus recommendations for seven priority areas — Food & Nutrition; Immigration Reform; International Development; Local Food; Next Generation; Research and Innovation; and, Working Landscapes. 

Past Initiatives

Recent Research and Recommendations

We develop recommendations and commission research and tools that recognize the connection between conservation practices, reduced agricultural risk, and improved environmental and financial performance.


Our Team

Representing a diverse range of interests, our members include researchers, academics, farmers, food companies, former officers of the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), former Congressional staff, and NGO leadership. Together, we advocate for common-sense policies that protect both natural resources and farmers’ livelihoods. Meridian Institute staff support AGree through strategic advising and coordination of meetings, advocacy efforts, and communications.

AGree is supported by funding from the Walton Family Foundation