Our Work

During 2018 Farm Bill negotiations, the AGree Economic and Environmental Risk Coalition successfully lobbied for provisions that improve agricultural data collection and the adoption of cover crops, both of which were included in the bill’s final text. The bill directs the USDA to explore the creation of an ag data warehouse, where information that is currently often siloed in separate departments could be gathered and organized. There, qualified researchers could then access data from across the agency—while protecting farmer privacy.

Analyzing this data is crucial for studying the impacts of conservation practices on crop yields, ranch and farm profitability, and environmental outcomes. What we learn from it can help shape the future of policies that support farmers and protect the environment.

Since Farm Bill passage, the Coalition has advocated for strengthened guidance on cover crops, which are one of the USDA’s recognized Good Farming Practices for soil health and water quality. Despite this recognition,a farmer’s crop insurance could have previously been jeopardized by planting a cover crop. The Coalition worked with the USDA and partners on Capitol HIll to change this. In July 2019, the USDA clarified its guidance in support of cover crops—a clear win for both food producers and their land!

Our Work on Crop Insurance

The AGree Coalition advocates for federal risk management programs that encourage farmers to implement practices that reduce producers’ long-term risk, in addition to improving soil health and water quality.

Our Work on Agriculture Data

The AGree Coalition works closely with Congress and the USDA to shape policies that will support greater data integration and analysis—and help farmers make important land management decisions.

Our Work on Cover Crops

The AGree Coalition conducted a landscape assessment of existing cover crop resources available nationwide in order to assist policymakers, farmers, and advocacy groups understand the full scope of cover crop programs and incentives.

Our Work on Agricultural Finance

The AGree Coalition is exploring opportunities for banks and investors to finance farmers and landowners who want to invest in conservation practices that increase profitability, enhance property values, and reduce producers’ long-term risk.