Our Work

The AGree Economic and Environmental Risk Coalition (AGree E2 Coalition) advocates for federal policy improvements that improve farmer’s livelihoods and drive broader adoption of conservation practices on working lands. Representing a diverse range of interests, our members include farmers, researchers, academics, former officers of the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), former Congressional staff, and NGO leadership.

The bipartisan E2 Coalition is focused on innovation in agricultural policy. We develop impactful policy recommendations, lobby Congress for policy changes, support USDA’s implementation processes, and lead strategic communication efforts.

The E2 Coalition has established trusted relationships with and between federal and agricultural leaders across the country for nearly a decade. We produce ground-breaking research that informs meaningful policy changes, including several provisions we successfully advocated for in the 2018 Farm Bill:

  • Stronger USDA data management systems to give researchers the ability to study how conservation practices impact crop yields, farm and ranch profitability, and environmental outcomes—while protecting producer privacy.
  • Improved federal guidance on conservation practices – such as cover crops – that will facilitate their widespread adoption.

Read more about our work on insurance, finance, data, and climate below.

Our Work on Insurance

The AGree Coalition advocates for federal risk management programs that encourage farmers to implement practices that reduce producers’ long-term risk, in addition to improving soil health and water quality.

Our Work on Agricultural Finance

The AGree Coalition is exploring opportunities for banks and investors to finance farmers and landowners who want to invest in conservation practices that increase profitability, enhance property values, and reduce producers’ long-term risk.

Our Work on Agriculture Data

The AGree Coalition works closely with Congress and the USDA to shape policies that will support greater data integration and analysis—and help farmers make important land management decisions.

Our Work on Cover Crops

The AGree Coalition works to improve information about and remove federal policy barriers to the adoption of cover cropping, a recognized good farming practices that reduces soil erosion, improves soil health, suppresses weeds, retains moisture, and reduces nutrient runoff.

Our Work on Climate

The AGree Climate, Food, and Ag Dialogue (CFAD) formed under the banner of AGree to promote federal action on climate change. CFAD includes producers, supply chain leaders, and civil society organizations working together to promote federal action on climate change that is inclusive of the food and agriculture sector.