Driven by Data: Webinar on the Post Application Coverage Endorsement

Federal crop insurance is a critical risk management tool for farmers, particularly as climate change increases uncertainty for farming operations. Recent innovations are helping the federal crop insurance program better account for the impacts of conservation practices on agricultural risk. This will help farmers who use crop insurance have more data-driven tools for managing risk … Continued

Research Insights: How Does Crop Insurance Impact On-Farm Conservation Practices?

The connections between the federal crop insurance program (FCIP) and adoption of conservation practices on working lands is an ongoing conversation in the food and agriculture sector. AGree has been exploring these connections since 2015, when we identified crop insurance as a key barrier to conservation practice adoption, as well as an important lever for … Continued

Ag Lending as a Lever for Conservation Adoption and Resilience

What if our ag lending system could incorporate the risk reduction benefits of conservation – improved soil health, more efficient water management, and diverse crop rotations – into more favorable lending terms and conditions? What if we had the data to make those arguments empirically and unequivocally? How might that transform decisions – both on … Continued

Risk Management for Underserved Crops

In late 2019, the AGree Economic and Environmental Risk Coalition hosted U.S. House and Senate briefings to propose changes to the Whole Farm Revenue Protection (WFRP) policy and the Noninsured Disaster Assistance Program (NAP) that would better support young farmers and specialty crop producers who have difficulty accessing conventional crop insurance. As an agent actively … Continued

AGree Coalition 2019 Retrospective

Advancing the Profitability, Productivity, and Sustainability of American Agriculture Over the past year, AGree has had many accomplishments advocating for federal policy improvements to bridge the gap between the adoption of on-farm conservation practices and improving profitability for farmers and ranchers. Although we know conservation practices contribute important benefits to soil health and farm resiliency … Continued

Tackling Tough Issues at the Intersection of Conservation and Crop Insurance

February 23, 2018 Amid much talk of polarization in DC, I am pleased to report that important progress is quietly being achieved by a diverse group working to unleash the ability of U.S. farmers to expand conservation efforts. AGree’s Conservation and Crop Insurance Task Force (Task Force) is a group of leading researchers, academics, former … Continued