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AGree Commissioned Papers and Reports

USDA and Agriculture Data: Improving Productivity while Protecting Privacy:

This paper by Todd J. Janzen of Janzen Agricultural Law, LLC and Laurie Ristino of Vermont Law School is not an official AGree publication and is intended to serve as an information resource. 6 pages. July 2018.

Crop Insurance, Credit, and Conservation:

This academic working paper by Joshua D. Woodard of Cornell University and Scott Marlow of the Rural Advancement Foundation International-USA is not an official AGree publication and is intended to serve as an information resource. 16 pages. April 2017.

Four Papers on the U.S. Federal Crop Insurance Program:

This compilation of Point of View and Background papers was written by independent authors; the collection of views and analyses presented in them do not represent official AGree positions nor the opinions of AGree Co-Chairs, Advisors, and partners. The papers are intended to stimulate thoughtful dialogue. 126 pages. March 2016.
Soil, Conservation, and Federal Crop Insurance. By Joshua D. Woodard.
Potential Conservation Implications of Federal Crop Insurance Actual Production History (APH) Procedures. By Barry J. Barnett and Ryan Stockwell.
Public and Private Roles in Agricultural Risk Transfer. By Barry Barnett, Keith Coble and Stephanie Mercier.
Private Sector Risk Management Tools. By Mike Boehlje and Steve Hofing.

Quantifying Benefits from Adoption of Conserving Agricultural Practices:

This paper provides details about public and private data sets that USDA and others could integrate and analyze, and potential uses of these data analysis findings. Stephanie Mercier. 18 pages. February 2015.

Collaborating for Healthy Watersheds:

A collaborative white paper by AGree, the National Association of Clean Water Agencies (NACWA), and the U.S. Water Alliance. 40 pages, February 2015.

Five Point of View Papers on Achieving Productivity, Profitability, and Environmental Outcomes in U.S. Agriculture: Overview and Abstracts:

Overview and abstracts of five papers offering diverse perspectives on how to achieve productivity, profitability, and environmental outcomes in U.S. agriculture, authored by leading producers and other practitioners and experts at the intersection of agriculture and conservation. 5 pages. September 2014.

1. Cooperative Conservation: A Producer-Led Approach to Achieving Healthy Agricultural Landscapes:

Authored by Kristin Weeks Duncanson, owner and partner of Duncanson Growers in Minnesota, former Director of the American Soybean Board, and AGree Advisory Committee member; Jim Moseley, former Deputy Secretary of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Indiana farmer, and AGree Co-Chair; and Fred Yoder, Ohio farmer, past President of the National Corn Growers Association, and AGree Advisory Committee member. 14 pages, September 2014.

2. Increasing Sustainability of America’s Working Landscapes Through Improved Public-Private Collaborations at Multiple Scales:

Authored by Jim Faulstich, Vice Chairman of Partners for Conservation and Daybreak Ranch; Steve Jester, Executive Director, Partners for Conservation; and Jim Stone, Chairman of Partners for Conservation and cattle rancher. 16 pages, September 2014.

3. Towards a Knowledge Infrastructure for Science-Based Policy and Sustainable Management of Agricultural Landscapes:

Authored by John Antle, Professor, Susan Capalbo, Department Head and Professor, and Laurie Houston, Faculty Research Associate, Department of Applied Economics, Oregon State University. 16 pages, September 2014.

4. Securing the Future of Western Agriculture: A Perspective of Western Producers:

Authored by Pat O’Toole, Owner of Ladder Livestock, Family Farm Alliance President and AGree Advisory Committee member, and Dan Keppen, Executive Director, Family Farm Alliance. 24 pages, September 2014.