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AGree Consensus Publications

Local Food: Revitalizing Community-based Food Systems:

AGree's Recommendations on Local Food. September 2015.

Research & Innovation: Strengthening Agricultural Research:

AGree's recommendations on Research & Innovation. June 2015.

Working Landscapes: Achieving Productivity, Profitability, and Environmental Outcomes:

AGree's consensus recommendations on Working Landscapes. November 2014.

Food & Nutrition: Cultivating Healthy Communities:

AGree's recommendations on Food & Nutrition. November 2014.

International Development: Promoting Development through Food and Agriculture:

AGree's consensus recommendations on International Development. November 2014.

Other AGree Publications

A Call to Presidential Action | Elevating Food and Agriculture as a National Priority:

The right food and agricultural policies can improve the health of America’s families, economy, farms and the environment, as outlined in recommendations AGree is presenting to presidential candidates. AGree’s Call to Action provides core elements in a strategy for elevating food and agriculture as a national priority. 4 pages. January 2016.

Food and Agricultural Education in the United States:

This paper examines the evolution of U.S. food and ag education, its current structure, and how it must adapt to meet emerging challenges. Stephanie Mercier. 24 pages, July 2015.

Five Perspectives on Improving the U.S. Public Research, Education, and Extension System:

This compilation of papers was written by independent authors in response to a call issued by AGree to elicit bold ideas on strengthening the U.S. public sector agricultural research system. 82 pages. June 2013.

1. Reforming “Formula Fund” Distribution of USDA Funding for Research, Extension, and Education. By Steve Ventura.

2. Improving Information Management at USDA to Support Research, Education, and Extension. By Marjorie Porter and Steve Ventura.

3. Stakeholder Engagement to Provide Advice on USDA Supported Research, Extension, and Education. By Steve Ventura.

4. Strengthening the U.S. Agricultural Research, Education, and Extension System: A Reorientation Model to Address 21st Century Challenges. By Meredith Niles, Ferd Hoefner, Ariane Lotti, and Juli Obudzinski.

5. Strengthening the U.S. Agricultural Research System. By Liz Carlisle and Albie Miles.

Quantifying Benefits from Adoption of Conserving Agricultural Practices:

This paper provides details about public and private data sets that USDA and others could integrate and analyze, and potential uses of these data analysis findings. Stephanie Mercier. 18 pages. February 2015.

Collaborating for Healthy Watersheds:

A collaborative white paper by AGree, the National Association of Clean Water Agencies (NACWA), and the U.S. Water Alliance. 40 pages, February 2015.