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"The American Medical Association today endorsed excise taxes and warning labels as part of a broader policy to reduce consumption of sugary drinks. “Excessive sugar consumption has been linked to some of the nation’s most debilitating diseases, and limiting the consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages will go a long way toward helping people prevent the onset of these diseases, improve health outcomes, and rein in health costs associated with chronic diseases,” said William Kobler, who serves on AMA's board. The group represents more than 200,000 doctors. AMA's new policy also calls for more research to develop policies that might be effective in getting people to cut back on sugar-sweetened beverage consumption, whether that be controlling portion sizes, restricting marketing or even changing the country's agricultural subsidies. The group also is actively urging hospitals and other medical facilities to offer water, unflavored milk, coffee and other unsweetened beverages instead of sugary-sweetened beverages. AMA previously endorsed mandating use of labels that display added sugars. The Obama administration made disclosure of added sugars part of its sweeping update to the Nutrition Facts label, a policy that the Trump administration this week said it intends to delay."

Posted June 15th, 2017