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Dispatches from the Hill | September 2015

Prepared for AGree by Stephanie Mercier, former chief economist for the Senate Agriculture Committee
Global Food Security Legislation

The House version of the GFSA bill, HR.1567, is still awaiting action by the full House. As of September 22, the bill has 80 total co-sponsors, 29 R's and 51 D's. The hope was to get the bill onto the House suspension calendar as a noncontroversial bill as was the case last fall, but the path through the House now appears to be a bit rockier than in 2014.


AGree Bulletin | April 2016

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AGree Bulletin | September 2015


Local Food Initiative | Bulletin

October 2017

AGree has received some additional convening resources to explore conversations that will support local/regional food systems and potentially also include immigration and workforce concerns facing agriculture.

Using the AGree platform as trusted convener and thought partner, AGree plans to organize an additional convening in 2018 to help expand networks and share information across groups who have not traditionally worked together. We will provide updates about this work as it progresses.